Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hi All

This must be the quickest card I've ever made. Only forgot my nephew's birthday and I've not forgotten in over 30 years. 
It was Monday, so I got home made a card (it's probably missing a bit of finesse) and dropped it round the same evening so technically it wasn't late.... 

That's what making Christmas cards does to

Woodware stamp and promarkers and tried to use colours of his fav footie team

Thanks for your visit, I really do appreciate it!
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017



The girlie holiday was going so well, the weather was fantastic, if not a little too hot for but come Thursday evening my big sister fell and fractured her arm in 3 places just below her shoulder.

 She had to be taken to hospital and I can tell you spending fourteen hours in a Greek hospital is NOT much fun, my sister accepts it for what it is but OMG it's shocking.
 If I hadn't stayed over night with her, I don't know how she would have coped, there was nobody to help her in and out of bed or take her to the toilet.

It has now become one of my worst fears.

I've also just noticed my signature has gone and that will have to wait till my stepson returns from his

So onto the card I made for my husband's aunt., she celebrated her 80th with a small family party but sadly I missed it as I was on my girlie holiday.

Using a selection of dies from Sue Wilson, Britannia, Spellbinders and Heartfelt Creations.

As always thanks for the visit I really do appreciate it!

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Happy Birthday Mate

Hello All

This is hopefully a scheduled post from me, as I off having a jolly with my sisters, sister-in-law and niece, yes you guessed just the girls!
I will do the rounds on my return.

Still using Sheena's free stamps, this time it's for hubby's brother.
Distress inks, promarkers, stencil for the inside. I've also used the new presscut die.

As always thanks for your visit!
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Another Mermaid


I'm here again with another Mermaid, told you I loved this, its just a copy from the mag.
This card is for an ex-work colleague.

Distress inks used for the colouring and the CC glitter pen.

Thanks for visiting!
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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Another Mermaid...

Hello All

Still playing with my free sheena stamps, I'm loving this mermaid.

This little card was for a friend at a craft class I attend, she doesn't make cards but she knits and crochets.
Coloured with distress inks, glitter added with a CC pen, shells cut with de cut and I also added glossy accents to the shells.

As always thanks for your visit, it really is appreciated.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Hi All

I just loved the free sheena stamps that were with the creative stamping mag a month or two ago. I copied the one design to use for my nieces 13th birthday.

Hubby is finishing off  the back fence today, making it extra strong!

Thanks for your visit, I really do appreciate it.

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Friday, 11 August 2017

It's a long post (for me)

Hi Everyone 

It's been awhile since I've posted, I just haven't felt much like crafting.
We've had Gypsies in the park at the back of us and the children (I'm being polite here) have caused havoc in our garden.

Long story but please bear with me, fistly they kicked the back fence down completely, the neighbour heard them and called the police. They came round but only checked the house out and made sure the house was secure which it was. 
Tuesday evening Andrew went down the garden and collected the eggs from the girls (chickens), went back up about an hour later and they had stolen two of the chickens. A bit later we actually caught them in the garden and asked them to leave, then I was threatened with having my face smashed in. Phoned the police (101) twice.
Wednesday came and went with no problems, Thursday evening I got home from work (hubby was late home that night) went up the garden to see if everything was ok and collected the eggs
(amazingly the chickens still there) . I got changed and went for a run. Got back an hour later and hubby met me at the door and I could see he wasn't happy, they'd been back and taken the other chickens and the extension on the coop. Phoned the police (101)
Friday hubby gets home and they'd taken the nesting box and the feed and water butts. So another call to the police 101 by this time I'm so bloody angry.
They said they would get someone out to us but I told them I was going to a funeral so I wouldn't be in, ok, we'll get someone to your tomorrow. No One came.
Saturday came and went with no problems but Sunday we had ask them to leave the garden again but all they did was wait a bit and then started throwing apples at the house.
Another call to 101, I said this time I know the police aren't really interested but what are my options here. They eventually got moved on on Monday (haven't gone very far) and the police finally came round on Tuesday morning, I couldn't believe it and told them they were too late, if they'd have come round earlier we may have got the chickens back, we found out later in the week they'd also taken the neighbour's pet rabbit.
 I'm only just starting to relax again

Sorry for such a long post.... shall I share my card with you now, this was for my good friend from school.

As always thanks for your visit, it is much appreciated!

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