Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Honey Bees

Hi All

I have no cards this week, there is a really good reason for this but I'm not telling

So I thought I'd share some photos of my hubby and his bees he had 2 hives.

 It was time to replace the Queen, she arrives in this little case with lots of air holes and about six aides, she needs theme to feed her and there is candy inside which they eat through and that will allow them to enter the their new home, if you can see the white spot that's the Queen.

She has a spot for two reasons really, firstly there is  different colour for each year and secondly there is only a couple of millimeters in size between her and the other bees, so she is very difficult to see.

The sad part is that he had to kill the old Queen 24 hours before he could introduce the new Queen.

The really sad part though was that on the second hive when he went to introduce the new Queen all the bees had died, we have no idea why but he was quite upset.

Thanks for your visit.

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brenda said...

A very interesting post Ali, although our neighbor a couple of fields along keeps bees I know very little about them other than I tend to duck when I see his making their way home across our paddocks.

B x

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Ali thank you for sharing these photos. I had no idea about bee keeping so it is good to have a little insight. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Alison59 said...

I'm intrigued (aka nosy lol) why no cards ;-)

Debs Cook said...

Ooooo not telling huh? So we'll be guessing, house move, patter of tiny feet, new cat/dog... Hope you tell us soon! Whatever it is hope it makes you happy :) Oooo I've guessed a brand new craft room with everything you could wish for?! Sorry about your hubbies bees, hope you solve the mystery. Debs x

Julieanne..aka pinkjools said...

Hi Ali....One of my friends has got bees....and now I can talk to him at them and make myself look good!....great photos....shame the other bees that died.....Joolsx

Amanda Curtin said...

How very cool to have your own bees. So sorry to hear that one hive died though. Hope you get to the bottom of it. Ax

Alizabethy said...

I've learnt something about bees today!

Shabneez said...

Very interesting post on bees. Intrigued about no cards - my guess new DT! Prize if I'm right. Shabneez xxx

Anonymous said...

Really interesting piece on bees, sad that some died, as they are so important to the environment

Angela said...

What a lovely post but a little sad that the second hive hadn't survived. We've had some Bumble Bees in our garden today, love seeing them. I am intrigued about the no card blog post as well, can't wait for you to share x

pam said...

Hi Ali, thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog.
Interesting topic..although I`m terrified of wasp`s & Bee`
Pam x