C5K continued

Monday 02.03,15

Did my run this evening, was tired after after a busy weekend but wanted to do my run so was a bit slower,

Thursday 5.03.15

Did my run was faster this evening, thinking of adding a bit on to make sure I get my cool down.

Saturday 07.03.15

Did my run this morning but slower again, so perhaps before I add anything on I need to be faster consistently, else I'll have a long cool down....lol

Monday 09.03,15

Another run today, jogging time is looking consistent but not enough to add a longer route yet.

Friday 13.03.15

No run tonight cos I've slept funny and my shoulder hurts but I have been for a hour walk with hubby and it was hard going the ground was so muddy.

Sunday 15.03,15

Had a good early run this morning, I'm a bit disappointed as I don't seem to be getting any quicker or slimmer!

Friday 20.03,15

No run tonight but I did an hours walk with hubby, calorie wise the run is far better.

Sunday 22.03.15

Had a good run this morning finally added the extra bit on so need to work on that now.

Wednesday 25.03.15

Did my run today with the extra bit added again,

Saturday 28,03,15

My run's are getting earlier,,,lol I was out this morning at 7,15 but I'm still not finding them any easier so don't think I'll be jogging for longer than 35-40 mins.

Wednesday 01.04.15

Had a good run tonight and really enjoyed it............however I had been really good with my chocolate because I hadn't had any for 2 weeks but I couldn't resist the chocolate egg I had stashed away.... DON'T know what it is about chocolate eggs but I absolutely love them....

Monday 06,04,15

Had a nice run this morning, but food wise not a good weekend, so need to get back on track.

Wednesday 08.04,15

Feeling a little down with the jogging at the moment because I don't feel like i'm improving at all. Told hubby to download the C10K to see if that pushes me a little.

Sat 11,04,15

Was pouring down first thing so didn't run, had a bacon and mush butty instead, it was gorgeous....lol but you wouldn't believe how it brightened up about half hour later but I couldn't run then could I. Anyway it has stayed nice all day so went for a run around 5. Felt a little better,

Mon 13.04.15

Had a great run this morning, went on the canal path was really good.

Fri 17.04.15

Had a good run late afternoon on the canal path again pushed myself a little further and did 40 mins jogging...yah,

Monday 20.04.15

Off down the canal again this morning and I think I was a little faster.

Weds 22,04,15

No jog tonight but did a really long walk instead.

Sunday 26.04,15

Did the road route this morning as I need a couple of ups....lol the canal is nicer but so flat!
I did 40 mins.

Thursday 30.04.15

No run tonight but a 1 hour walk with hubby.

Friday 01,05,15

Ran the canal again, didn't enjoy it though and was really disappointed I've been running with the Ipod Nike thing an thought I was doing really well but for this run I used Map my Route as well and it turns out that theres about 2 km difference,,,,,work that one out :(

Monday 04.05.15

Did a 10 mile walk today with hubby, didn't realise we had such lovely walks where we live.

Wednesday 06.05.15

Ha a good run tonight, thought I was gonna get wet but it wasn't too bad.....

Sunday 10.05,15

Jogged this morning, took the route with a few ups in just for good measure....lol, Still not getting easier and I'm not sure I'm enjoying it anymore!

Saturday 16.05,15

Well no run this week at all, went to Towyn on Thursday night for a funeral on Friday and then we made a weekend of it and Andy my hubby and planned a 10 mile walk for us, to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it but the weather was great and it was a lovely coastal walk, After the walk and lunch we had planned to catch the bus or train back but guess what we walked back as well, 20 miles, how amazing is that. Think I managed it better than hubby....lol

Thursday 21.05.15

Ran tonight but after 30 mins had to stop with severe stitch,

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