Friday, 11 August 2017

It's a long post (for me)

Hi Everyone 

It's been awhile since I've posted, I just haven't felt much like crafting.
We've had Gypsies in the park at the back of us and the children (I'm being polite here) have caused havoc in our garden.

Long story but please bear with me, fistly they kicked the back fence down completely, the neighbour heard them and called the police. They came round but only checked the house out and made sure the house was secure which it was. 
Tuesday evening Andrew went down the garden and collected the eggs from the girls (chickens), went back up about an hour later and they had stolen two of the chickens. A bit later we actually caught them in the garden and asked them to leave, then I was threatened with having my face smashed in. Phoned the police (101) twice.
Wednesday came and went with no problems, Thursday evening I got home from work (hubby was late home that night) went up the garden to see if everything was ok and collected the eggs
(amazingly the chickens still there) . I got changed and went for a run. Got back an hour later and hubby met me at the door and I could see he wasn't happy, they'd been back and taken the other chickens and the extension on the coop. Phoned the police (101)
Friday hubby gets home and they'd taken the nesting box and the feed and water butts. So another call to the police 101 by this time I'm so bloody angry.
They said they would get someone out to us but I told them I was going to a funeral so I wouldn't be in, ok, we'll get someone to your tomorrow. No One came.
Saturday came and went with no problems but Sunday we had ask them to leave the garden again but all they did was wait a bit and then started throwing apples at the house.
Another call to 101, I said this time I know the police aren't really interested but what are my options here. They eventually got moved on on Monday (haven't gone very far) and the police finally came round on Tuesday morning, I couldn't believe it and told them they were too late, if they'd have come round earlier we may have got the chickens back, we found out later in the week they'd also taken the neighbour's pet rabbit.
 I'm only just starting to relax again

Sorry for such a long post.... shall I share my card with you now, this was for my good friend from school.

As always thanks for your visit, it is much appreciated!

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Jackie Trinder said...

Oh Ali I am so sorry it must have been awful and with no support from the Police. I can understand why you couldn't relax. The card you have made for your friend is gorgeous. Do take care. Hugs Jackie

Alison59 said...

Oh Ali what a nightmare. I'm not going to be PC. These people are a bloody nuisance, no respect for others or themselves come to that. And the police are terrified of them! 101 is a complete waste of time; I know I've tried to use it grrrrrr.

Super card :-)

...:::Quilling Lady:::... said...

Hi Ali,
I hope the whole situation is solved and the Gypsies won't come back. Now it's time to relax :D
Great card as always :)
Happy crafting!

brenda said...

I'm not surprised you are angry Ali, so would I be. I have no problem with them so long as they keep themselves to themselves but sadly that never seems to happen. We have horses and that is always a worry and one or two in the villages around there have disappeared.

A fun card never the less, chin up.

B x

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow super card Ali ... I am sure your friend will love it ... so sorry to hear about your problems with those unwelcome visitors ... its must have been so stressful for you but thank goodness they have moved on to annoy some other poor person ... how do they expect "us" to welcome or accept them when they behave like that ... hope you are coming down to earth now ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Julieanne..aka pinkjools said...

Brilliant card for your friend Ali.....What a stressful time you had ....little toerags!...I think I would get the local paper round and tell them about all your phone calls to the police....I hope your life is now back to peace and quite now....Sending Big Hugs to you and hubby....Joolsx

Shabneez said...

Love your card! So sorry you've had an awful time with people disrespecting your rights and your property. Sending you hugs and peace. Shabneez xxx

Angela said...

That sounds horrendous and the inaction from the Police is not acceptable. It's no wonder you haven't wanted to craft. That said this is a fab little card and I love the sentiment x

Stampsnob. said...

I am behind in my comments because I was helping my neighbors husband to see she had a comfortable end She passed Friday . Now I just read your stressful events this is terrible I am so happy we don't have such happening here . Hope you seeing an end to this it is very uncomfortable to worry all day what you might come home to and the mind set of the police UGH ........hugs>>>>>>>>>>>>Lis

Jan's Crafty Cards said...

Such a brilliant card Ali, really sorry to hear about your trouble with the gypsies, they really are a pain and the police seem to be unable to do anything about them. I hope you are sorted now and that everything is back to normal for you. Hugs to you both x Janis x

Emma Trenouth said...

Oh Ali thats awful, and to take the chickens on top of the abuse is horrendous. Sending you lots and lots of hugs Emma xxxx
Your card is gorgeous. xxx