Monday, 29 December 2014

Last Christmas Card

Hiya this is a scheduled post (as I'm away sunning myself) so I hope it works and I will try and catch up with you all when I get home.

Before I share today's card, I would like to remember my lovely mom. It would have been her birthday today, she died nearly 13 years ago and I still really miss her and you wouldn't believe how many times I wished I could speak to "Happy Birthday Mom"

Today's card is my last Christmas and it's for my mother-in-law and she has been a lovely mother-in-law!

All I need to say now is Happy New Year to you all and thanks for all your continued support!


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas cards


Christmas has sneaked up rather quickly, I still have a few to share, these cards were based on a card I made in a Stampin Up class.
Stampin Up cards are generally on the smaller size, so I adapted it to a 6 x 6 card.

As always thanks for your visit and I'd like to take the opportunity you wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

More Christmas cards


Today's cards are for males in the family, simply ones really.
The first one is for my husbands son ( I really loved this digi when I saw it and of course had to have, the other 2 designs will be going to our nephews.

I have just noticed that I haven't added any glitter to the bottom 2, "What no glitter" I hear you say, yes "no glitter" and I've sealed the envelopes.......

As always thanks for your visit and any comments are really appreciated!


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas cards


I thought it was time I shared some christmas cards with you, these are for my younger nieces. One of my crafty friends came to class with these stamps and I thought they would be great for the girls, so I stamped a few images to use. I love the snowman with his wonky hat and the birds sitting on the Deer's antlers.
I've also added the card for the older girls as well, well they are adults but I wasn't very happy how these turned out, they looked better in my head.

I've also made my MIL's card and taken a photo, only to realise that I've forgotten to put any sort of greeting on and I've just tidied up and put everything away in my craft room for visitors. It has knocked the smug grin off my face I can tell

As always thanks for your visit and any comments you may leave.

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