C5K weeks 1-4

Week 1


I've done my first walk/jog tonight, harder than I thought but I hope that is because I'm so unfit. I've had to do this because my love of food is piling on the weight and I haven't decided what is worse dieting or exercising...lol


I've just completed my second walk/jog of part one, it was a lovely morning.


So good so far, just completed my 3rd run. I should be able to move on to the next week but I want to go through it again and hubby decided to try it and he will just follow me so needed to start a the beginning again. Now I just need to get my head around the old foodie thing!


Second time around, so completed walk/jog part one.
If I'm honest I don't know how I will move on to week 2,,,lol


Had a another nice walk/jog this morning very refreshing, going to see if I can start week 2 on Wednesday.

Week 2


Moved up to jog/run week 2 found it a bit easier this time and that was with 2 whacking blister on my feet from a pair of new clarks shoes which I am going to try and take back on Saturday.


Another walk/jog completed today and not so easy...lol


Bank Holiday Monday still did our run even though it was raining and found it a little easier  by don't seem me being able to run for 30 mins by the end, I will be doing week 2 again.


Did week 2 again but think we will try week 3 on next jog/walk.
Starting to feel a little slimmer but not showing on the scales and still not got my head around the food thing!


Week 3

That's week 3 started even in the rain...lol, again easier than I was expecting, just need to keep going.


Wow, just done week 3 for the second time and feel like I could have gone round again...lol  I'm wondering if I'm better in the am rather than the later pm?


Week 3 again, was very tired before I started but still managed to do it OK.


Week 3 again on my own this time hubby was mowing the lawn so that was his exercise...lol, Hoping to start week 4 on Sunday.

Week 4


OMG I can't believe I've just done done the first run for week 4, 5mins walk, 3 min run 90 sec walk 5 min run (yes 5mins) 2.5 mins walk another 5 min run (yes 5mins) and to finish 5 min walk.

So impressed with my self but still fighting the sweet stuff!


Week 4 again, doing OK.


Week 4 again still doing OK.


Still doing week 4 and will for a few more as hubby has missed a couple and he needs do it 3 times before we move on but I don't mind.


Wow that was a struggle tonight..... why is it that sometimes it's a breeze and then others kill you, I didn't stop though

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Julieanne..aka pinkjools said...

Just hopped on this...well done you....Im a sweet tooth person....and find it hard...dont jog but walk everywhere.....Joolsx