Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Haven't posted for ages and the reason for that is we were burgled on the 1st December, it was very distressing and I can't really explain how I feel, well I can but it's not printable. Laptops digital camera. iPod and of course all mine and my late mom’s jewellery. The only good thing was that they didn't trash the house. The insurance is taking an age to pay up but don't suppose that is unusual. We have been using an old laptop but it was very slow and keeps crashing. The laptops were only backed up for crashing and not being stolen, so I have lost everything. But onwards and upwards will be back later to upload newish cards and ATC's.

Ali x
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sandy's crafty bits said...

oh my goodness so sorry to hear your news ... it must be awful ... my poor sister in law was burgled recently and she sent my hubby a picture on his mobile phone showing the mess they left her bedroom in ... sorry about your late Mums jewellery some things are irreplaceable aren't they ??loving your blog colours and design well done ... as you say "on wards and up wards" honey ... happy crafting and love sandy xx